Fall is Upon Us

Now that you’re done (or hopefully done) with back to school shopping, now is a good time to take advantage of any last minute out of season sales. That means stocking up on any spring and summer items for next year. It’s also a good time to check out any yard or estate sales as they generally end about this time of year as the weather starts to get a bit cooler.
Besides watching the leaves turn color I like to take advantage of the deals many retailers have on their summer stock they need to get rid of. This is a great time to get that bathing suit you’re hoping to fit into for next year and/or summer themed decorations or even foods like barbeque related items. I like to use this time to get any school or summer clothes for my children. As always be on the lookout for consignment sales that will be offering huge savings on fall and winter clothes. I actually am getting ready for one here in Georgia. So here’s to fall savings.

Small Business Saturday 2011

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. I know I sure did. I like many others had to return to work today so I did not get a chance to do any shopping but honestly, I am never been that into the whole Black Friday hoopla. I may check out to see if they are any good Cyber Monday deals I want to get. Anyhow, I wanted to remind those of you who know and report to those of you who don’t to shop at small businesses tomorrow, November 26. It is a great way to support local businesses and stimulate the economy. As the daughter in law of a woman who operates a small business I could not pass up this chance to remind everyone how important small businesses are so please shop at one or a few tomorrow and all year. Happy Holidays everyone and be safe while shopping.

Love Honey Baked

With the holidays closely approaching and me being the food lover that I am I just can’t help but give a quick shout out to the Honey Baked Ham Company. If you haven’t tried them they have some of the best honey baked hams and turkeys. Though they are a little on the pricey side for my taste they are worth it. The good thing is that they offer coupons in the Sunday paper throughout the year. So that helps with the price issue a little. For the deli sandwich lover out there you have got to try one from the Honey Baked Ham Company. They make them with the fixings you like similar to Subway but with a totally different ambiance. Nothing like some good honey baked turkey and honey mustard in my book. Anyhow, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of gratefulness and especially love.

National Dessert Day

Thanks for your patience as I worked through some technical difficulties for the past month. As you can tell by the title, today is National Dessert Day! I couldn’t pass up writing a little something about this day since I am one who finds it hard to resist a good dessert. Yes, I’ve let the cat out of the bag. My weakness are things sweet. My birthday was about a month ago and my husband and I went to Chop’s Lobster Bar. The dessert that they treated me with was a rum bread pudding. It was absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend it! In fact I recommend the restaurant. The staff was very but not overly attentive and the food tasted great. I also like that it was not too big or crowded and the decor was upscale. Desserts have been somewhat of a battle in our household since we do not all like the same things. My husband is not a cake person and prefers pies, cookies, or cobblers. The rest of us are open to anything as long as it tastes and looks great.

How to Make the Most Out of Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping does not have to be stressful if you make the right steps. Planning ahead really helps. That includes setting a budget for each child and knowing in advance what the school uniform or dress code requirements are. A good thing to do is pay attention to the back to school ads whether they be on television, online or in circulars in the mail and stores. It helps to be signed up for email newsletters for the stores where you shop at regularly. I have gotten some of the best deals that way. They let you know in advance of savings events and many times offer you additional savings through coupons. Many stores this time of year have sales on summer clothes since they are getting ready for the fall season. This is the perfect time to stock up on school clothes for next spring and summer. The only thing is you may have to guess what size your child/children will be wearing in another 8-12 months which is not always easy since they have have growth spurts at any moment. I am pretty much done with clothes shopping for now outside of a light jacket or sweater.  Looking at those circulars and online ads can really help with finding the best savings on school supplies too.

Pack-It Review

With this being the beginning of the school year for most of the country I wanted to give my review on a lunch bag that I have had my son using. You may or may not recall a post a few months ago about me deciding to try out taking my son’s lunch to school instead of having him eat the school lunch. Well he has been in school for a whole month now which I feel is enough time to evaluate the effectiveness of this product. I found out about the Pack-It while scrolling through the channels one day and ran across the infomercial for it. While I do not generally buy things from shop at home channels or infomercials, this particular one caught my attention since I had already decided to have my son take his lunch to school. If you haven’t heard of it, the Pack-It is an insulated lunch bag that allows food to stay cool for up to ten hours. It comes in different color choices but not unfortunately not many of them are available on the main website for the product. I was able to find more color choices on sites like Amazon. The only thing is that the main website was running a deal where you could buy one get one free so I opted for that and used the few color choices there.

The lunch bad itself works great. It appears to be made from durable materials so I think it will last a long time. I like that it allows more options for lunch choices. My son enjoys taking stuff like tuna or turkey sandwiches. One of the selling points in the commercial was that it is better than using a cold pack becuase they can leave some food soggy. The Pack-It does a good job of keeping his food cold without leaving anything soggy or wet. My son says his lunches are always cold and the bag and even still a bit cool by the end of the school day which is almost seven hours after taking it out the freezer. I also like that the bag is easy to clean which only requires a quick wipe down with a dish cloth. All in all I say ot is a good bag. Now I wonder if it does any better than the cheaper insulated lunch bags on some store shelves.

Wear Teal Day

As you probably have guessed by the title, today is Wear Teal Day. To be honest I had never heard of this until yesterday. As you know, some cancers and diseases have a color that is associated with them, for example, pink in some form is worn for breast cancer awareness and red for heart disease. I am sure the list could go on for the various other cancers or ailments. Well teal is the color that has been chosen for ovarian cancer. So if you get a chance wear something teal today to raise awareness of this tragic disease or to show your respects for anyone you know or knew who has been affected by this cancer.

So as you can see there are no shopping tips on this one but you can still check out the freebies and discounts page for updates. Just wanted to do my part and spread more awareness about Wear Teal Day. Have a great holiday weekend folks.